Staying strong during difficult situations + Dealing with anxiety


There’s this saying that reads “what happens in your life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you”. That alone has made me stop and think what can I take from this situation, not what is it going to take from me. How can I come out, stronger, better and with more experience? If you decide to be in control of what happens to you, you will see how quickly you can apply it to rise up for what coming next.

A lot of people would crumble at the thought of bad news, at the thought of dealing with something difficult or heartbreaking. 

Here’s why you shouldn’t be that person. 

We are not victims of this life, we are warriors. We have been gifted this life and that means we fight for it.  If you are someone who is dealing with a tough situation, think about this? Do you want to make it worse by adding extra unpleasant thoughts? Never compare but always be aware, In the grand scheme of life.. is it the worst thing that can be happening to you? Have people gotten through tougher situations? Is it a blessing in disguise? perspective is key. You will not crumble, you will get through it, you will look back at it. Some people make a permanent mess out of a temporary clutter because they get so consumed by feelings at the moment. Detach. Detach from what consumes you. Detach what is currently happening to you from what "could" but hasn’t happened, and most likely wont happen. The reality is, youll cross that bridge when you get there anyways, if you even get there. If not youll drive right over it with a smile on your face and wave goodbye to your fearful thoughts.

Always remember that just like we have bad times we have good times. You must hold on to the good times when you’re going through the bad ones, tight. Don’t add flames to the fire, as many would say. Something we all dismiss so fast, our health, our breathing, our self ability to speak think and do is already an advantage on your end. I think about this so often, I make the little things large, I expand my blessings and be little my insecurities. But why is this so difficult to understand for some people? Why do we often tend to make situations worse? Its human nature. Point the finger back at you. You are in control as long as you decide to be. You let in what you accept and have control of how you react to it. If you are not doing the work that it requires to grow into a more aware person, you are responsible for that, too. 

If you deal with anxiety, the first step is understanding that its not your fault. It’s a mental health disorder experienced by many in different levels caused by different triggers. I have news, nobody but you can make it better, only you can make it easier for yourself.  So its here, now what?

Find what helps you clear your mind and release stress. That might not be so easy and it might require you to do some inner work. For me personally its, writing, running, and breathing exercises. I also always put things into perspective. We make things in our head so much worse than they actually are. Proven. Remember to focus only on whats right infront of you, not on what could happen (uncertainty) but what is currently happening (reality). Not what happens next, not what happens if, not what you picture in your worst case scenario. Delete that. Focus on the present reality, only. After all, thats all you have.

 Ive dealt with a lot of anxiety in the past year and learning to control it was definitely a process. I realized that it was mostly me making it worse for myself and I immediately shut that door closed, locked it, and threw away the key. I am usually someone who keeps situations to myself and I deal with them pretty well but I do tend to over analyze them. Big mistake. On my process of self awareness to help and endure anxiety I would recognize I had a stressful scenario coming right up that would give me the anxiety I dreaded. I would do breathing exercises right before, embraced the feeling was temporary and thought about something I loved doing that I would go do right after the scenario was gone. That would reassure me everything was going to be okay and that it would end . I stopped worrying, I left it up to god (or the universe) knowing that whatever happens is for the greater good even if I didn’t necessarily understand it at the moment. Previous experiences had taught me that and never failed.

Getting yourself out of situations that constantly makes you feel this anxiety is crucial. If its a toxic relationship, a job, a social setting, a friend group or anything you have control over. Eliminate these stressors as soon as possible to relieve yourself from a ton of bricks off your shoulders. Making that decision is tough but this is where self awareness comes in when bettering ourselves. Its you vs yourself. Don't be the one person keeping you stuck to what constantly hurts you.

Think about how many times the greatest people in the world have come from the biggest stressors and traumas in their lives. That’s how most successful entrepreneurs were made, out of lack, out of need, and out of overcoming difficult situations. Thats what makes others inspired to create movies, write books and give meaning to life. That’s how most rich families were created, that’s how the most relentless people have come to be and have made history. They had no other choice but to continue pushing forward or go the route of throwing your life away. If you don't fight through life, it will beat you down. You never hear about a person who lacked, or didn’t do, or couldn’t control their emotions. There are many people that take the wrong route and we all need to work closer together to support each other enough to let those around us know that we can make ourselves better. It is our responsibility to ourselves.

One day you might have a story to tell that will make someone get through their day. Thats powerful. That person might have been at the end of their rope and now you gave them hope. Your challenges might make you speak up and show a side of you that you never thought was in you. Your biggest stressors might be what makes you crack a shell of everything you needed to be for yourself. Keep in mind that this life is here and we are all living different realities of it, focus on making yours the best it can be and enjoy your present.

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