Standing still during a pandemic – get out of your own way!


Its no surprise here that network marketing seems to be taking over social media platforms these days more than ever. You don't need glasses to clearly see its doing so much for so many in a time where it is needed the most. 

Did you know your phone has a feature that tells you how many hours you spend on your phone? Settings > screen time. Check it. How much is it? Now add to that the hours you spend watching Tv or in entertainment that provides no income. Add up all those hours a day and realistically and ask yourself if you really “don’t have time” for an online based business and an extra income. Are you shocked?

The reality is that time isn’t really as big of an issue as most people make it out to be. You make the time for what’s important to you, and primarily for me, making an income is vital to not only surviving but just as important, comfortably.

Having no time should be the main motivation for wanting time, and to have time you must have a business that provides residual income. You must have a business where you are not exchanging countless hours for limited rates. 

Yes it is true that in network marketing businesses we also put in a lot of time. Any successful business or career requires effort, passion, and solid hard work. This is the same for those who want to make life changing money. This is definitely the case for me because I love what I do, I am passionate about helping others get out of tough financial situations and I want to spend my time doing things that help me develop personally in all aspects. This isn't always the case for me when I don’t want it to be, though. I pick my days off, my hours off, my schedule and everything else in between which is something ive never had before. In this business you can also start small, you can start by learning, you can start with the correct mentor and just like me you will realize that this isn’t as unattainable as you thought it was.

One of the primary reasons im writing this is blog post is because I was also that person once who thought this business was for the “lucky” ones.

This business is for anyone and everyone willing to learn to monetize a new skill and work hard to make their goals a reality.

This business taught me that if I can dream it, I can do it.

When people outside the business look at my experience in network marketing they think its unattainable for them. That is where most people are wrong. 


Main questions to me are:

“Do you really make that much money”

“Do you really drive a paid for cadillac” 

"Do the products really work"

“Did you really retire as a nurse”

“Did you really retire your mom”

“ Are you really a single mom providing alone?”

“Did you really pay off all of your debt?”

The answer is yes. I did. yes, I am. + a lot more. I have also passed this opportunity to so many who can say the same in only a year and a half.

I know why most people question it though? And I understand it fully.. I used to be that way myself. I never related to a business model like this one until Monat came along.

This lifestyle I have made for myself is not the “norm”. This wasn’t always my reality though, my old “norm” used to be going to school, going to work, collecting my paychecks, paying bills, asking for loans, asking for time off from work to go on vacations I paid for with a credit card, and repeat.

The “day in and day out” people in society live a life of paycheck to paycheck. They exchange their time for money while and they consider that the only way to live because they are simply not open to learning more from people who have the life they dream of. Or for some maybe they didn’t know anyone living a life they dream of, so if you do, consider yourself lucky. You can have it too.

Times are changing, the way people are making money is changing every single day. Don’t get me wrong, network marketing is not the only way to live. If you are living your passion and your purpose than by all means continue doing so. Everyone should be doing what their hearts desire and following your dreams is very important in order to avoid a midlife crisis later on. BUT I am speaking to those who like me, wanted more out of life and didn't know how to get it. Here, you have a ground level opportunity here to do something about it.

Heres a couple reasons why you shouldn’t exchange your time for money.

What happens when youre sick?

What happens when your kids are sick?

What happens when your job shuts down?

What happens when you want to do go on multiple vacations?

When you have another commitment more important to you? 

When you want more time with your newborn?

but instead you need to go to work for someone else.

“If you don’t find a way to make money in your sleep you will work until you die”- Warren Buffet

I always said I was going to be a millionaire by 25. I didn’t know how, I didn’t know through what, and I didn’t even look for it, this business opportunity knocked in my life and I opened. If you shut all the doors to opportunity because of fear of failure you might just miss one that changes your life and isn't coming back around for a second chance.

In network marketing, lets talk in specific about MONAT, we have seen a huge boom in business during this global pandemic. Why? Because we work from home and have a consumable product. I have had a booming business since I started but during this time we have come together now more than ever. A big part of our business is also giving back to those in need through our gratitude missions. Sadly, most people who thought were invincible financially and had a solid life line in their jobs were just put off of work temporarily and some even fired permanently. Those with only one source of income have taken a huge hit. Some people who thought were irreplaceable are now with no income options. Why? Because your line of work isn’t a solid standstill to stand on. Multiple streams of income are necessary now more than ever.

I can tell you why this business is not only surviving but THRIVING and its something ive known all along which is why I started back in "normal times". Working from the comfort of your home is irreplaceable and unmatched for so many reasons. We also sell a consumable product that people want and NEED. Anti aging skin care and hair care. To some it might not be a necessity but to many it is very important to keep up with their physical health and appearance as it should be, particularly women. Dont believe me? look up the lipstick effect during a crisis. With more people spending time on their phones scrolling aimlessly and binge watching series on Netflix, we are working and growing our business with more intention to grow that ever.

Not only do we use and recommend products that we essentially need but we provide the opportunity to others to make an income for less than $200 all tools provided, yes including a website. I can already hear you “but why do I need to spend $200 to start my business if I have no money to begin with?" because you need to have products for your personal use, how else will you have your own results. Would it sound better If the company said “hey come here, start a million dollar business for free?” Or would you be even more skeptical?

As little as $200 to start a business is nothing considering most people spend more than $200 to start a $10 an hour job and have now lost that job. Dont think so? Lets count. Uniform, shoes, lunch, day to day gas + lets not put a price on your interviewing time. Most people even spend alot more than $200 just for a website. Not having the money is all a frame of mind and quite frankly an excuse. Truth is most people don’t believe they are worth the $200 to start their business because they are not sure if they will put in the work it takes to become successful in the business and they are scared of failure. I would be more scared of knowing what my life would have been like right now if this business hadn't crossed my path.

So many people who are in true rough financial situations with the desire to get out of it have started the business during this time and completely turned their situations from a negative to a positive in less than a month. They’re not standing still and waiting for help like the crowd, they are making it happen for themselves. Those are the stories that need to be told.

Not only is it as low as $200 to start a business where you can make as much as want, you even have a 30 day money back guarantee. Yes you read that right. Meaning that if you didn’t make that money plus more in 30 days and find this isn’t really for you, you can even change your mind and get your money right back where it came from.


I started this business by buying my haircare which I was going to need anyways and completely changed not only my life but the life of my family, my future, and so many around me. How? By putting the same work I was putting somewhere else and not getting anywhere close to the rewards I deserved.

At this moment we are not focused on those who are making a ruckus about network marketers on social media just because they are out of a job. We are working just like so many other companies you are buying from and supporting. We are focused on helping those who want to switch their situation, bettering their hair, skin and life and being part of the solution, not part of the problem. We are providing income to hundreds of thousands of people who need a paycheck now more than ever and helping the economy. 

Most of you are totally okay with the idea of sharing a favorite movie, a favorite makeup routine, a favorite recipe to help others. What if I told you this is the same thing but attached to a compensation plan that can change your life. If you don’t want to change anything that’s your decision. If you are not into hair care and skin care or helping other change their lives just unfollow, block or move on. There is no reason to knock down someone elses business if your life is truly that much better.

“you will never be criticized by someone who is doing more than you. You will only be criticized by someone doing less”. 

Lets not be the person doing less.

If you don’t like a movie in the movie theatre you just don’t watch it.

if you don’t like a dish at a restaurant you just don’t eat it. 

Where your attention flows your energy goes

The reality is that the way that we market these products by showing our results and building a business to the do the same is completely disrupting the industry by storm. So many people already do this day and day out and have no idea how big of a business they can be creating on their own time. This has given women and men an opportunity to monetize something anyone can learn to do if they weren't doing it before, like me. While we are at it, dreams are coming true. Single moms are fully providing, wives are retiring their husbands, professionals are finding a new passion, people are getting out of debt and communities are coming together. 

I am looking forward to watching everyone just starting now and seeing their lifes change throughout this timeframe. Always Remember “its not about who did it first, its about who does it best”. Day in and day out more and more people are realizing what they can make out of this business and coming in by storm.

If a 24 year old like me, who started a year and a half ago with no experience, no time, no money and absolutely no clue where this was going to take me.. where can this take you now that you've seen where you can go?

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Everyone needs another source of income.

“being broke can be temporaty but a poor mindset is eternal”


I want everyone to look at the rank that I am in, Senior Executive Director. The last one of the chart. It says the median number of months it takes to get there is 24. 24 months! I got there in 14 so I am in the high range. Now compare the low average yearly income and then look at the high average yearly income and ask yourself, if you put in the work, where else can you make that type of income in a median time of 24 months.

and just to explain the disclaimer that reads that says " the average annual income for ALL U.S market partners at all ranks (which includes active and inactive market partners) in 2018 was $773.93." I am going to explain it because alot of people only read what they want to read. That amount is INCLUDING the thousands people who come into the business for the 30% product discount and don't work the business or aim to make money. It even says 47% of people counted were not active meaning not working the business.

Even that average of $773.93 including thousands of people who make $0 still gives you your money back by triple. So what are you scared of? always compare yourself to those working the business by rank and you putting in work.

Ask yourself where do you want to be?

I wanted to be in the high annual gross earnings of a Senior Executive Director, and more.

Thank you guys for reading my blog! If you found this information helpful feel free to share it and follow for more! Thank you all so much for your support!