5 things to do when launching your new business

Launching a new business is something that takes some people years of courage and for others, its a simple over night idea. Launching my business was never in my plans and it worked out better than I imagined. I embraced the learning process. I always said I would never do sales and that is why I went into nursing, I wanted people to need me. Little did I know, I needed my freedom and life had other plans for me! It was one of those 5 minute decisions to just go for it. It was a gut feeling that lead to amazing things. Whatever the case, there are key important things to follow when starting to ensure a successful business venture with momentum.

I always compare launching a new business to a plane taking of the runway. The speed catches momentum until it can eventually fly. It doesn’t start and stop and start and stop, it just goes full speed ahead. When launching your new business, treating your plans like that plane on the run way will allow you to fly sky high.

So lets get started. 

1.Excitement + Mindset

Are you losing sleep over this idea? Does it get you so excited that you are obsessed with it? One of the things that really helped my success in the beginning was my passion and obsession with what I was starting. It was all I could talk about and think about. That passion and excitement would transfer to others with my posts and my voice when I would talk to them. I was inspired by what I could offer others. When someone loves a product or service you can see that It almost makes them glow. They will not stop talking about it and they have no doubt this will add value to others. They will do whatever it takes for others to want to use it as well and they will see their business idea as a gift. If you're new in the entrepreneurial world, you will need a strong mindset. It wont always be walks in the park, sometimes you will face challenges that a regular person wouldn't be able to deal with. Remember, you're the boss now! To strengthen your mindset you should follow a mentor or two. Who is someone very sucessful in business and what do they have to say about it when times get hard? You can purchase books, listen to YouTube audios in the car, while on a run, anywhere! Your mind is a muscle that needs feeding with knowledge so you pick yourself up on your feet when things knock you down. The only way to change limited beliefs is to learn new ones! Your mindset will make all of the difference in this new business venture.

here are some of my favorite mentors

  • John Maxwell
  • Robert Kiyosaki 
  • Eric Worre
  • Warren Buffet 
  • Jim Rohn


Being educated on the product or service you are offering and how it can help other people makes all of the difference. Find out why someone would want or need your product. For example, if you are selling hair products, instead of posting a simple picture of the bottle, you would post a picture of the results it gives. What makes the ingredients different? Show real life results and use them yourself with those around you! When someone sees that this product or service can solve a problem for them, they will stop thinking about the price. This will add value! This will attract others to want the same results and create a need for your product.

Who is very successful in the business you are in and how can you learn from them? Get close to people who are familiar with your business model and have had much success in it. Ask them questions, offer to take them to lunch and watch how they move. That way, you will already know what works and how you can do it better. As the world changes so do the needs of those around us. Understanding what worked yesterday might not necessarily work tomorrow will keep you with a hunger to always seek knowledge. Set short term, mid term and long term goals and stick to them. Remind yourself how you will feel when you hit these goals and what it is you're working towards. I would get post it notes and put it in my computer, bathroom, kitchen, and places I frequently went through to remind me what my goals were and make me work harder to achieve them.


How well do you know your potential consumers? Wether you have a small following or a large one, its important to ask yourself how can you add value to the followers you already have. Yes I said, followers you already have! I started with 300! You do not need a large following to start a business successfully. That is your excuse mindset kicking in. Most people focus on how they can bring in new people to their page and they miss the value they can add to their current audience to see what is it that engages them. Focusing on your current audience will make a lot of your content educational and shareable, it will be filled with value which will attract new people to your page and grow your following for the right reasons. Stop worrying about the sales and start paying attention to what your product can do for others. What would cause a need for someone to buy this product or service? Is it a feeling, is It results, is it a trend?  This is when you need to separate a seller mindset and turn it into a consumer mindset. Start with yourself. What do others have to do for you to buy something? For me, I need to see them use it and love it for longer than a month. So don't be discouraged if your business doesn't take off overnight! Start noting what brings in engagement, what days sales are higher and pay attention to trends you want to repeat and improve.

I always say "in the beginning you will feel like you're putting in alot of work and hours and not making enough money. When your business is established and successful you will feel like you're not doing nearly enough for the amount of money you're making." So give it your all and build that brand! Remember we are not trading time for money, we are building something long term. Don't focus on how much money you will make, focus on how many lives you will change and the rest will follow.

4. Creativity

How does your product or business stand out? What do people like to support?  What makes someone emotionally attached to a brand/ product/ service? This is when you need to determine what makes you different. Stories sell! What Is your story? What will make other people feel connected to your brand? Who can you collaborate with? Might seem like im asking a lot of question but a game plan needs to be put in motion. When running your marketing, learning how to use apps to create content that is appealing. This might take you a little time but remember we don't start perfect. I sure didn't know what I was doing when I first started but I got the hang of it and surprised myself!

I recommend using these apps to make your business stand out

  • Canva
  • Tezza
  • Unfold

Look into presets if you want an aesthetic. They're worth it!

What are presets? presets are saving a set of editing adjustments so that you can easily re-apply the same adjustments to multiple photos. ... So in layman's terms, a preset is a pre-configured look that you can apply to any number of photos with one click. This is what makes a color scheme always look like it matches! Confusing at first, but worth the time you put into it.

5. Consistency

Don't stop until you're proud! Success doesnt come from what you do occasionally it comes from what you do consistently! Now you have to do it every single day. Perks of being an entrepreneur and business owner is the freedom to run your business from anywhere! That also means being available to work remotely 24/7 from anywhere if needed. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Knowing what I know now, I would choose having my business a million times over. Most people who fail when starting a new business expected overnight success. This term is very often misleading since most over night successes prepared for years for their big moment. I was one of the people who two weeks into my business wanted to give up! Lucky for me, I was already listening to audios and reading about the entrepreneurial journey and I snapped back into reality. I compared it with my career journey. I had been going to school for 4 years to learn how to be a nurse and still hadn't made a dollar back, why would I quit 2 weeks into my business when times got hard? Wether you're running your business in person or online, your doors need to be open. "Open mouth open business". For example: if you post about your business Monday Tuesday, but forget Wednesday, then you're back open Thursday and Friday, then you forget about it Saturday, but you open Sunday... and you do this often..  your business will lose credibility because consumers wont know when your doors are open. They will go to the business next door and find what they're looking for. Building trust with your audience is key for them to give you their business. Consistency will do that for you!

Following these 5 steps and incorporating them into your business plan will guide you in the right direction when building a successful business. If you found these steps helpful, share them with someone who might need them.

Go build your empires!