Keeping yourself grounded-

Lets remember to remind ourselves when we need kick back to jump start

Do you ever feel sudden bursts of gratitude for simplicity? For a breath, for a step, for a word spoken, for an image seen, for a sound heard.. I didn’t always, and the sad reality is most people don’t either until its gone. Specially when I was younger. I didn’t know how to put things into perspective. I was self centered and thought my reality was the only thing that mattered. This didn’t allow me to work with the attributes I already possessed to intentionally make them greater. I would drown in a glass of water as an old saying would say. It wasn’t until I got fed up of giving myself excuses that I had an immense wake up call and realized how many things we take for granted on a daily. I was taken back by it. The last couple of years I could’ve maximized this realization by putting thoughts into actions instead of dwelling on the “what if”. It has been impossible to not recognize the blessings around me. They remind me of what I need to consider when making a decision for future rewards.

About a week ago I was on the way to visit a friend and I was driving by a neighborhood where a lot of people were homeless and on the streets. This isn’t uncommon around the city I live in but this particular day I was on such a high on life that it snapped me back to the real world. The day was dark and I was comfortably driving my new car and I just couldn’t help but to wonder what decisions got them there. Everything felt blurry. My entire body was taken over by the fear of “that can be me” and how connected we are as human beings to one another. This is one of the scenarios that snaps me back to reality in a snap of a finger. The thought of losing it all. There’s many other stories and scenes that do the same for me. Every single time we hear insane stories and wonder how people lived through those circumstances. They hit me like a ton of bricks. They make me think, “how do they do it” “how would I do it”. I try not to dwell on it for too long because this world is full of undesirable situations. For you it might be something that hits home or a prior situation you were in that you got out of safely. That is their reality in that moment. Your world doesn’t always have to be crumbling for you to make it to a better place. Those scenarios can be your reality as well, it can be mine, and I never dismiss that. That drive by that neighborhood triggered something in me to put both my feet on the ground again. I took a deep breath and prayed for them to focus on the path they were meant to follow with safety. I reminded myself how blessed we are for even having a voice and a breath and the ability to make decisions comfortably.

I want you guys to understand that there is so much good and positivity within yourself to grow and focus on. You shouldn’t be opening doors for anything less. Maybe positivity is not directly around you if your environment is controlled by someone else, but your mind is controlled by you. Something that cripples a lot of human beings is fear and negativity. Fear of what if. Fear of failure. My fear has always been regret. My fear has always been not being able to provide. Everytime you get that little bug in your mind telling you negative things, making you feel negative feelings towards yourself or others remember that it is your mind and you have control of it. Silence that voice and give yourself positive affirmations each time. The only wall between you and success is the one you’re building brick by brick with your own hands. Tear it down. What you say to yourself you will believe. Make it a habit to also love yourself so you can enjoy it as a routine.

What you focus your attention on is what you will expand. If it is perspective, you will constantly be inspired. If you want to grow your patience, your empathy, your positivity.. start by being self aware of when you’re not practicing these things. Understanding and recognizing when we need to be self aware will help you take actions that will give you positive results. For example: you’re in traffic and the person infront of you is driving slowly, you speed past them on the other lane and realize its a mom trying to feed her screaming baby in the back seat, you immediately feel guilt and shame for feeling angry in the first place. What if, instead of pre judging we understood that other people are not doing things to intentionally bother you. What if we put ourselves in the shoes of that mom driving with a screaming hungry baby, or that elderly man making a run to get groceries because he has no help.

Ive always made the best out of bad situations by putting things into perspective and moving forward. How can we complain and say were tired, were upset, when we have so much more than 80% of the world by simply having a roof and health. If you are feeling defeated by life you need to find out what you are working for, what would you give your all for. Is it for yourself, for your family, your future family? The driving force should be enough to crumble you to the bone when you feel like you’re not doing enough. It should light you up enough to overcome every obstacle thrown down the road.

Keeping yourself grounded and keeping your two feet on the floor is so important when it comes to the work your putting forth everyday. I have always been motivated to work harder by just knowing I have the opportunity to do so.

When people come to me with excuses I don’t accept them because I know they are just that, excuses. I didn’t give them, I don’t accept them. When you want to get something done you will find a way. If it matters to you, you will make it happen. If you want a better opportunity you will work for it. If you want to be healthier you will start a routine. Don’t blame your lack of effort for your non existent results.

Understanding how privileged we are will give us a reality check very quick. Its motivation in itself knowing that we can do so many things others just dream of. If you are reading this blog, you have access to the internet and endless income opportunities. Are you creating them? It’s a push in the right direction being able to identify that small decisions will give us results.

Keeping yourself grounded is particularly needed when you have present that you can lose it all at any wrong turn? At any time. Although we are not going to live life worrying about when things can be lost. Knowing that god is in controll and he ultimately decides what happens tomorrow will allow you to enjoy your moments no matter what you are doing. They will also allow you to make better decisions when it comes to the life you are creating and how you get through your day.

It is so importan that we remind ourselves to put things into perspective when we feel like complaining about the things we are blessed with.

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